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This page is intended to give every community member the opportunity to publish ideas on the topic of BEST. The publication as well as the voting is anonymous and everyone can like other suggestions and thus vote for them.

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Hello everyone,

I would like to make a suggestion for discussion that could make Bitpanda even more attractive. Bitpanda already offers different tiers as part of the BEST loyalty program, which is great. I think we could expand the concept further by integrating exclusive cards for each tier, similar to

My proposal in detail:

Exclusive cards for each level: depending on the BEST VIP level reached, users could receive special cards. Each card would have an individual color, and the higher levels could also receive metal cards. For example:

Level 0: Standard card in black
Level 1: card in green
Level 2: card in red
Level 3: Metal card in bronze
Level 4: Metal card in silver
Level 5: Metal card in gold
Integration into the existing level system: The cards could be seamlessly integrated into the existing BEST VIP level system, so that advancing to a higher level automatically unlocks a new, exclusive card.

This extension could strengthen customer loyalty and offer an additional incentive to remain active on the platform and reach higher levels.

What do you think of this idea? I look forward to your opinions and suggestions!

For example, the incorrect distribution of BEST Rewards on June 17, 2024, with subsequent correction of wallet balances based on rounded amounts.
It is already strange that such an event does not make it onto the status page in a timely manner as is customary in the industry, no, even the official Telegram community groups were met with silence despite many understandable queries.

Bitpanda tends to emphasize positive events and cover up negative ones. This kind of behavior thwarts any customer loyalty program.

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Either a 2nd wallet as a vault Access only with 2FA no trading possible.
Block quantity in the current wallet, e.g. 100 coins or 10% adjustable.

To avoid swaps by mistake. Even more security for holdings that are to be held long-term.

In general, you could give out rewards for certain things. Challenges.

For example:
– Become VIP 1 and receive XY points
– Claim your first rewards and receive XY points
– Follow your first spotlight and receive XY points

Then you could exchange these points for e.g.
– BEST (at a better rate than BTC)
– merch
etc. etc.

I think that would be the best way to explain Best and its benefits.

You can of course expand this idea and turn it into a kind of Bitpanda Academy 2.0.
This way you could also point out the dangers of memecoins etc. and people would learn by working through tasks on topics like:
– 2FA
– Leverage and risks
– memecoins
– what is Bitcoin

etc. points, which they could then also exchange.

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Is Bitpanda surprising us?