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14.08. - 15.08.2024

Bitpanda Ecosystem Token (BEST)

This page is intended to provide a quick and easy overview of the Bitpanda Ecosystem Token. BEST now offers many advantages from which users can benefit. The first benefits are available from holding just 10 BEST. (All information without guarantee)


There are currently 5 VIP levels. The higher the level, the more advantages you have on Bitpanda.

Below is a list of all VIP levels and what they would currently cost:

VIP level overview

BEST Rewards

Depending on the BEST VIP level, up to 15.35% per year rewards (airdrops) are possible.

This is how many BEST Rewards you would receive per week if you reached the respective level exactly:

Rewards per week

Instant Trade Bonus (ITB)

Depending on the BEST VIP level, up to 0.25% Instant Trade Bonus is possible, which is credited immediately with every trade.

That’s how much ITB you would get on a €1000 crypto or metals trade:

ITB at 1000€ buy/sell

Bitpanda Card advantages

Up to 2% cashback is possible when using the card, which is credited immediately.

From VIP LVL 3 you get cashback when using the card, before that you get ITB.

CB/ITB for 1000€ card payment

Staking Rewards

Depending on the BEST VIP level, up to 12.5% more staking rewards are possible.

Additional rewards at 1000€ Axie Infinity Shard(AXS) per year

Bitpanda Cash Plus

Depending on the BEST VIP level, up to 12.5% increased interest rates are possible.

Additional interest with €1000 Cash Plus per year

Bitpanda Spotlight

You can get up to 5 times more shares of a Bitpanda Spotlight launch for free.

Spotlights are launched at regular intervals. To take part, you must be at least VIP LVL 1 and also follow the respective spotlight.

1 Spotlight share of 1€

BEST Burns

Every last Thursday of the month, at least 2,500,000 BEST are burned. Until finally only 250,000,000 BEST are left.

Current Burn Status

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