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The calculator assumes that the basic requirements are already met in order to receive rewards. learn more
This is the monthly value in EUR. Trading volumes are all purchases and sells on Bitpanda broker without BEST.
You can choose a target BEST VIP level here.
LVL1 >= 10 BEST
LVL2 >= 1.000 BEST
LVL3 >= 5.000 BEST
LVL4 >= 10.000 BEST
LVL5 >= 50.000 BEST
When a number is entered here, it is calculated how long it takes for the desired amount to be reached or how many EUR must be invested monthly in BEST in order to reach the desired BEST amount in the specified period.
If a value is entered here, the BEST price in the calculation increases by this percentage per month.
Here, an optimization proposal can be selected according to EUR or BEST and it is determined whether additional trading volume (e.B. swap from USDT to gold and back) would result in more value in EUR or BEST. When optimizing according to BEST, the trading volume is chosen, which does not generate any additional costs to EUR, based on the current price. An estimate of the fees of swaps between gold and USDT is taken for the calculation.
Her you can define, how many rewards are sold on a percentage base.
You can choose a your individual BEST Price here.
A separate fee percentage rate can be entered here.
All information without guarantee.

All fee percentages used for the calculator can be found here: Bitpanda Fees

What are BEST rewards?

In May 2020 Bitpanda introduced the so called BEST (Bitpanda Ecosystem Token) Rewards. This is a loyalty program of Bitpanda, where you can increase your BEST amount up to 12.86% annually. The snapshot (the amount, which is taken into account for the rewards) takes place on the last day of the month at 23:59:59 CET. On the first of the following moth the BEST rewards will be credited at around 1 pm.

Which requirements have to be met for the rewards?

To be able to claim and get the best rewards the following points have to be done on Bitpanda (not Bitpanda Pro):

  • You have to own a verified Bitpanda account.
  • An amount of BEST have to be on your Bitpanda account.
  • The rewards have to be claimed once a month as well as the general terms and conditions have to be accepted.
  • Every month a trade on Bitpanda has to be performed (Every type of trade counts on Bitpanda (not Bitpanda Pro) from 1 EUR onwards)

How many BEST do I get?

The amount of best you will receive depends on the amount of BEST you hold in your Bitpanda account.
Additionally you can increase your rewards through trades (buy and sell assets on Bitpanda). As a basis you will receive 0.5% of your BEST.

Your percentage will get increased after reaching a specific BEST VIP level (you have to hold a specific amount of BEST to reach a certain BEST VIP level):

  • BEST VIP Level 1 (>= 5,000 BEST): +0.05%
  • BEST VIP Level 2 (>= 50,000 BEST): +0.10%
  • BEST VIP Level 3 (>= 500,000 BEST): +0.15%

On top you can increase the percentage by performing trades (buy and sell assets on Bitpanda):

  • monthly trading volume of at least 1,000 EUR: +0.05%
  • monthly trading volume of at least 5,000 EUR: +0.15%
  • monthly trading volume of at least 10,000 EUR: +0.25%
  • monthly trading volume of at least 50,000 EUR: +0.35%

To sum everything up it is possible to get 1% of the amount of BEST holding on Bitpanda as a reward every month. This is an increase of 12.68% a year.

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