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Bitpanda Ecosystem Token (BEST) 2.0 Rewards – Calculator

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The calculator assumes that the basic requirements are already met in order to receive rewards. learn more
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This is the weekly value in EUR. Trading volumes are all purchases and sells on Bitpanda broker without BEST.
You can choose a target BEST VIP level here.
LVL1 >= 10 BEST
LVL2 >= 1.000 BEST
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LVL4 >= 10.000 BEST
LVL5 >= 50.000 BEST
When a number is entered here, it is calculated how long it takes for the desired amount to be reached or how many EUR must be invested weekly in BEST in order to reach the desired BEST amount in the specified period.
If a value is entered here, the BEST price in the calculation increases by this percentage per week.
Her you can define, how many EUR you are going to sell per week.
Her you can define, how many rewards are sold on a percentage base.
You can choose a your individual BEST Price here.
Here you can set whether the ITB (Instant Trade Bonus) is active or not.
Hier kann der durchschnittliche Kaufpreis des initialen BEST Bestanden eingegeben werden, sollte kein Wert eingegeben werden, wird der aktuelle Preis als Referenzwert angenommen.
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What changes with BEST 2.0?

The restructuring of BEST 2.0 brings many changes, besides new VIP levels, weekly instead of monthly rewards and change of trading volume thresholds, they have also changed the burn amount, as well as the burn stimulus

BEST 2.0 VIP Level

BEST 2.0 introduces new VIP levels and replaces old levels. The new levels are as follows:

  • BEST VIP LEVEL 1: starting with 10 BEST
  • BEST VIP LEVEL 2: starting with 1.000 BEST
  • BEST VIP LEVEL 3: starting with 5.000 BEST
  • BEST VIP LEVEL 4: starting with 10.000 BEST
  • BEST VIP LEVEL 5: starting with 50.000 BEST

What are the requirements for the rewards?

To be eligible for BEST Rewards once a week, the following requirements must be met on Bitpanda (not Bitpanda Pro):

  • Owning at least 10 BEST (Bitpanda Ecosystem Token) on the Bitpanda broker.
  • Having a verified Bitpanda account.
  • Rewards must be claimed once per week and the BEST Rewards T&Cs must be agreed to.
  • Have made one trade in a week on Bitpanda (any type of trade on Bitpanda (not Bitpanda Pro) from 1 EUR counts).

How many BEST Rewards do you get?

The number of BEST Rewards you get depends on the number of BEST you own. In addition, you can increase the rewards through trades (buying and selling assets on Bitpanda). As a base you always get 0.10% of your BEST.

In addition, this percentage increases when you reach a certain BEST VIP level (i.e. have at least a certain number of BEST in your possession):

  • BEST VIP Level 2 (>= 1.000 BEST): +0,025% per week
  • BEST VIP Level 3 (>= 5.000 BEST): +0,050% per week
  • BEST VIP Level 4 (>= 10.000 BEST): +0,075% per week
  • BEST VIP Level 5 (>= 50.000 BEST): +0,100% per week

In addition, the percentage reward can be further increased through trades (buying and selling assets on Bitpanda), this can be achieved either with Bitpanda Stocks or with Cryptos/Bitpanda Metals:

Thresholds Trading Volume Cryptos / Bitpanda Metals

  • weekly trading volume of at least 1.000 EUR: +0,010%
  • weekly trading volume of at least 3.000 EUR: +0,025%
  • weekly trading volume of at least 10.000 EUR: +0,050%
  • weekly trading volume of at least 30.000 EUR: +0,075%

Thresholds Trading Volume Bitpanda Stocks

  • weekly trading volume of at least 3.000 EUR: +0,010%
  • weekly trading volume of at least 10.000 EUR: +0,025%
  • weekly trading volume of at least 30.000 EUR: +0,050%
  • weekly trading volume of at least 100.000 EUR: +0,075%

Bitpanda Instant Trade Bonus (ITB)

In addition to the above mentioned bonuses, there is also the Instant Trade Bonus. This replaces the previous BEST Fee Collection and consists of volume + VIP level. So you can get back up to 0.25% of the volume in Crypto and 0.025% of the volume in Stocks in the form of BEST.

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