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All fee percentages used for the calculator can be found here: Bitpanda Fees

What is the Bitpanda Card?

In January 2021, Bitpanda presented the Bitpanda Visa Card, a debit card. The Visa card is directly linked to the Bitpanda account and a main asset and a fallback asset can be selected if there is not enough credit on the main asset. These settings can be made conveniently in the app or online in the Bitpanda account.

What does the Bitpanda Card cost?

There are no costs for the initial purchase or for owning the card. Just the Bitpanda platform’s trading fees, which are included in sells of assets, are required.

Which assets can be used for a purchase with the card?

Currently any digital asset as well as the EUR Wallet on Bitpanda can be used for purchases. Thus, for example, the rolls at the bakery can be paid with gold.

What requirements have to be met and how much cashback will be received?

As soon as you pay with an asset on Bitpanda, you get a certain percentage of BTC (Bitcoin) back to the Bitpanda account, depending on the BEST VIP level.

It is important to mention that it is possible to pay with EUR, but cashback is excluded.

Here is a list of the BEST VIP levels and the associated cashback percentage:

  • LVL 1 (>= 5.000 BEST): 0.5% cashback
  • LVL 2 (>= 50.000 BEST): 1% cashback
  • LVL 3 (>= 500.000 BEST): 2% cashback

Does the Bitpanda debit card even pay off?

Anyone who recalculates will quickly see that if you are not BEST VIP Level 3, you will not get more cashback than the fees will cost. However, if you want to transfer the assets to your bank account anyway, and you want to access them immediately, the fees will be reduced by the cashback percentage. For all BEST Rewards collectors, it is also a good opportunity to use the BEST Rewards received.

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